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And honestly, no one can blame them. Over the last few months, some questions just went from being interesting to prompting a hilarious spectacle of awkwardness. Seeing them deflect those questions, it almost seems as if they were… bulletproof. And of course the usual, people not being able to hide their reactions like interviewers staring at the members for too long or the crew giggling behind the camera. BTS declaring their love for A. Y ji-min-abandoned There are things in interviews that get old after some time, but one thing that surely never will is BTS showing their true colors and taking every chance they get to tell their fans how much they mean to them. When asked if they ever got hurt by fans, RM hilariously made very clear that he only gets hurt because he hurts himself. The boys kept on repeating that they never expected to see so many fans and that fanchants are the greatest thing A.

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Jimin Favorite number is 3 3. Jimin favorite Color is Light Blue, black 4. Jimin Blood Type is A 5. His birthday is 13 October

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He was the last to join the group and practiced dancing harder than anyone else. His sculpted abs are very popular among fans. He gets along well with all members but is especially nice to the youngest member Jungkook and devotes a lot of attention to him. According to Star News, BTS was chosen as the most expected idols of as a result of survey targeting the music professionals. He is considered one of the Korean idols of great promise. This rumor came from a manipulated video of the two together.

They look like being together in the image, however it turned out to be composite afterwards. So it ended up a groundless rumor. Though this gossip was unfounded, it appears to be true that he is a fan of the girl group at least. He also told in another variety show that he wants to get to be close with Red Velvet.

When KARA members got asked in the show if they have any junior idols whom they are interested in, they all hesitated to reply at the moment.

[★QUIZ] Should you date BTS Jimin or Jungkook?

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I was in my Instegram when i saw this At first i though that its fake and that there is noting like that so i wroth is google Bts Jimin Dating and i saw this: I was in shock! I didnt know what else to say! Rumors are rumors right? Im not sure if this rumor is true or not! Because when i save it i reallt though that its just fake!

Becouse there is many people who like to cause a rumor but if its true i will support both of them! Of couse i dont know much about her and Red Velvet but i know really almost everything about Park Jimin so i will be happy to support both of them! I would be happy if its true becouse then Jimin would finelly found somwone special to him someone who he might love with all his heart ha is deserve it! I this all of Us think that right?? And about them who is saying ‘I hate her’ ‘I hope that its not true becouse jimin is mine’ ‘She cant be dating jimin because i am’ and so on, I dont really think that they can say that they are real A.

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Someone similar to me, someone composed and wise,who likes music. He seems like the one who would like taking control of the relationship – being the dominant one. Kim Nam Joon Ideal image 1. Plus, did you see him talking to this makeup staff noonas? Park Jimin Ideal image 1. Ideal Looks A girl who is nice and cute.

Full Length Edition Intro: Serendipity [EP] LOVE YOURSELF 承 ‘Her’ Jimin Lyrics/작사: Slow Rabbit, Ray Michael Djan Jr, Ashton Foster, 랩몬스터, 방시혁 Composer/작곡: Slow Rabbit, Ray Michael Djan Jr, Ashton Foster, 랩몬스터, 방시혁 Arranger/편곡:??? Romanization Korean Translation i modeun geon uyeoni anya geunyang geunyang naye neukkimeuro on sesangi.

Originally posted by samwol Background: His room was dark, with only the phone light and a nearby lamp to show his face. Hoseok, his roommate, had already messaged Jimin saying that he was going to be staying over at a friends house, so he had the whole room to himself. The camera picked up the rustling movements in the blanket, and a low, sleepish voice was heard. Not wanting to be alone for the night, he had invited you, his lovely boyfriend, over.

Instantly, the comments started to come flooding in. Jimin feverishly giggled and snorted as you continue to assault kisses on his face, making the comments go even wilder than never before. Ignoring his pleas, you continued on with your rampage until you got tired. Whining quietly when you pulled away from your attacks, you slyly smirked before going back to read the comments, all of which were freaking out just as much as it did earlier.

He smiled when he felt your fingers lock themselves with his. You hummed in agreement. The live stream went by, as usual, Jimin would talk about what BTS had been doing in the recent weeks, ask you some questions, you would reply, read off comments, and repeat. Gazing at Jimin as he was talking about something miscellaneous, your eyes traveled from his eyes and how happy he looked to talk to ARMY, to his cheeks and how flushed and soft they looked right now.

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How in the world did she get so lucky to be able to call Park Jimin hers? Of the millions who wanted him, scream his name, declaring their undying love for him, this sweet, soft and sensitive man chose her to love. Their first eye contact in a crowd full of people turned to phone numbers being exchanged. Text messages turned into video calls and goodnight texts turns into I love yous, and soon they were in the happiest relationship they could ever wish to be in.

Jimin is her rock.

TRANSLATION NOTES: * “born with it all”: the line says the teachers were born ‘with a golden spoon’, which means they had the chances/opportunities there for them without having to put in effort.

Especially when the said friend has a huge crush on Jihyun himself? Jihyun just moved to Seoul to continue his studies, and Jimin and his parents are currently looking around his new apartment, making sure he has eveything he needs. His parents are busy combing through every inch of the place, making sure that their son will live comfortably. And Jimin-hyung is just nearby! I know how to take care of myself mom! I dont need Jimin-hyung to babysit me! And Jihyun is finally an adult, so he must be craving for some sort of freedom, and moving away from the family gives him exactly that.

How can you trust her more that you trust me?! Your puny bestfriend who has the biggest crush on you? This is news to him. His baby brother is all grown up and having a girl as a roommate. And she does not have a crush on me! We are just best friends! She obviously has the biggest crush on you.

~BTS Park Jimin Ideal Type~

Jimin x male Reader Warnings: You are not, by any definition of the word, nonchalant. And he freaking kisses you and stuff!

As you transferred to BigHit Academy, it was pass 2 years ago from now when you first met Jimin. You soon became friends with his friends and they were called BTS.

Park Jimin is dating everyone and I am here to spread the word through gifs, pictures and fanfics Also hit me up on kakao at ji and we can fangirl together Sick Jiminie This is my first Tumblr Fanfic I hope you all enjoy it! Jimin falls sick and the rest of Bangtan take care of him. Finally, after months of promotions and tours, they can finally take a break. They had about a week of free time, to do whatever they want.

They got home after their last performance before their break, worn out and ready for bed. One by one they shower and go to bed. Jimin was the last to shower. He started to sneeze while he was washing up and then he started to feel a little light-headed. He quickly finished his shower and dressed himself. As he started walking to his shared room everything started spinning and fading in and out. He was halfway to his room when everything went black. Jin woke up to a loud noise in the living room and was frightened.

He thought someone broke in.


The moment you sense him turning around you cover your eyes with your hand to avoid any embarrassing situations. Not sure of what Jimin is doing, since all you can see is darkness you hear him chuckle at your reaction and you scoff in return. We should get comfortable with each other anyways,” he urges biting his lip in unknown anticipation. You take your hand off your eyes and you blink a few times to adjust to the lighting however once your eyes settle on Jimin your eyes go wide and you mouth slightly opens due to the shock.

First Film Jimin is yet to make his theatrical film debut. Personal Trainer During an interview in , Jimin had admitted to resorting to severe diets in his quest to look handsome. He revealed that he consumed only 4 chunks of chicken breasts for a year and experienced malnutrition by losing 15 lbs. As a result of his extreme weight loss, he would pass out during dance rehearsals. After his confession, there was a wave of support from fans on Twitter with the hashtag Jiminyouareperfect.

His hobbies include drawing and he has revealed that he likes to draw while visiting foreign countries. He grew up listening to American artist Chris Brown. He has admitted that his celebrity crush is none other than his fellow band member J-Hope. Suggestions for his initial stage names included Baby J and Kid, but he decided to keep his real name Jimin in the end.

At the Idol Star Athletics Championships, he was voted as the favorite idol, by many female K-pop stars. He was the last member to be added to the group Bangtan Boys. In , there were death threats made against Jimin after trolls began spreading rumors that he hated international fans. Hear more from Jimin on YouTube.

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Originally posted by ohparkjimin Plot: So your sugar daddy decides to punish you for being such a brat. You slammed the large oak door to your shared grand home, your louboutins clicking on the marble floors, echoing through the foyer, your arms weighed down with shopping bags full of designer brands. You were furious despite trying to shake off your anger with some retail therapy. As the door sounded shut, one of the house hold staff came running out to greet you.

Bernard came closer to take the bags off you.

You were used to this. Used to have girls swoon over your idiot best friend for years. It was an odd thing, really. He often went with his mother to your house, and you had no choice but to talk to him. Yes, the first thing you could say about him, was that he was plain annoying, and cocky. Though you admit that he was such a fuckboy.

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Picking up your end you stuck it back in your ear clicking the next button on your iPod. Days like these were the best. You and Jimin would go to study hall to play around and listen to the latest K-pop songs; which was basically every day. Laughing slightly to yourself, you kept shuffling trying to find your favorite song, which made Jimin groan every time you passed a song of his liking.

That was your dream; you wanted to sing, it was your passion.

The group consists of 7 members. They debuted on June 12th, with the title “No More Dream”. They were supposed to debut in , but with members leaving the group, it was postponed. Rap Monster remains the only original member for the line-up of the group. Fact About all the Member Mix: He then siad that those who come to their performance and have a good voice, he’ll Maryy them. All the started Yelling. Suga Explains the meaning of ” Bulletproof boy Scouts.

He would often give him food and drinks.

Imagine youre dating with Park Jimin